We are the service lab

Medical market worldwide is looking for financially optimal solutions to maintain and continue its services. In response to this demand, we have launched a service lab aimed especially at ultrasound probes renovation.

Our service lab was launched in 2014 and from the beggining is equipped with an advanced vacuum chambers, which are the key to perform high quality, long lasting repairs. Our probe repair services are cost-effective and managed by a team of skilled technicians, who are experienced in working with a wide range of brands. This experience allows us to repair transducer damages at low costs – offering attractive alternatives to buying replacements. Thereby you can quickly and easily have your ultrasound probes refurbished and back working for you as efficiently as possible.

Visit the gallery of selected probes repaired by us   HERE


Why not consider fixing your probe by our ultrasound probe repair service before looking at the expense of a replacement probe.


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