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Ultrasound transducers are fragile devices. Its basic construction element is piezoelectric crystal. Its unique properties make it as a transmitter and a receiver of ultrasound waves. Crystals are extremely fragile and susceptible to damage, that is why one of the tasks of acoustic lens is to protect these elements. During usage and maintenance, it is subject to wear and tear and can be easily damaged.

The most common damages with ultrasound probes we deal with refer to:

  • acoustic lens
  • housing
  • strain relief
  • cable jacket


Check if your ultrasound probe looks similar to those on pictures below

failures usg probe transducer


or you recognize:

cracks on the handle or on the nose piece?
cuts on the lens material or lens separating from housing?
swelling of the lens material?
cable pulled out from under strain relief?
cable tear?

Any positive answer? Ask us about the possibility of repair:


How to take care of the probe to avoid damages.
The Guide.

If you want to be sure that your device will serve you over the years we encourage you to build good habits. About half of the repairs come from improper care of the probes’ sensitive elements.

Lens. As you have read above, lens cover the most fragile elements of the probe. Good condition of this part of the probe guarantees long-term functionality. Remember to clean the probe after usage by application of purity agents designed solely for ultrasound equipment. Do not expose lens to ultraviolet (UV) rays nor to the temperature exposure from 70 degrees of Celsius or more. If you work with vaginal or rectal probes use shields designed only for the purpose of medical examination. Do not press, hit, rub nor scratch the rubber. Avoid sharp tools. Lens worn through is the time to pause medical examinations.

Cable. probe’s cable is made of dozens shielded wires what makes it very difficult or even impossible to repair. That is why operator of the ultrasound should remember to avoid bending the cable. Its fragile structure may get spoiled at once, it will be seen for example as artifacts on the screen. Moreover, use purity agents designed only for ultrasound equipment, do not expose cable on the UV rays – it destroys its flexibility. Take good care of the strain relief; it is a kind of grommet at the point where the cabling meet the casing, which allows flexibility in the cable without putting stress on that vulnerable point in the cord. If you have found interrupted cable shield, partly or integrally, do not stuck it onto tape but think about recondition.

Casing. Some of the casings are made of tough plastic, while some other are not. Avoid hitting them, hard gripping or falling down. Be open-eyed to small cracks situated on the top of the probe around the lens. Humidity enters those small leaks and burst the probe from inside. It is very common occurrence.