I . General provisions.

  1. By browsing through and using this website (www.duqtor.eu), owned by Pracownia DUQTOR Weronika Chwietczuk (known as DUQTOR), registered to the address: Pod Młynem 21, 40-313 Katowice in Poland, you agree to comply with the following terms and conditions.
  2. Provisions of the herein Terms and Conditions are in full force between Buyer, hereinafter referred to as the Client and Vendor, hereinafter referred to as the Service. Terms and Conditions regulate the scope and conditions on the basis of which the Service shall provide its repairs based on a repair order.
  3. Repair services set forth in clause 1. refer to ultrasound probes, which are transferred to the Service to repair damages in the following areas:
    • acoustic lens
    • cracks in casing
    • cable jacket
    • strain relief.
  4. When placing an order for repair services, the Client is deemed to have accepted the content of the standard Terms and Conditions (as detailed below) and have approved quotations provided by the Service along with the remaining terms of repair set forth between the Parties.
  5. The Terms and Conditions are available at www.duqtor.eu . Any modifications or deviations from these Terms and Conditions shall only be effective upon prior acceptance in writing or email.
  6. In order to maintain proper execution of the repair process and seamless communication between the Client and the Service, the Client is obliged to make its contact data available to the Service, required in the application form provided along with quotation. Placing an order means that the Client agrees to its data processing in the scope, which is necessary to execute the order pursuant to the regulations set out in the Terms and Conditions. All information will be treated securely and confidentially and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and associated legal provisions concerning data protection.

II.  Receipt of goods and repair execution.

  1. Information concerning how to make quotation inquiry are available at www.duqtor.eu. In response to an inquiry sent by email by the Client, the Service prepares an initial quotation within 24 hours, which means that equipment has been qualified for repair.
  2. The Client ships the ultrasound probe to the Service at its own expense. It is recommended for the Client to use courier provider with insured shipment at the goods value. Additionally, the Client is urged to secure the equipment during transport through application of original foam-filled packaging intended for the ultrasound probe transport. In the event of lack of original packaging, it is advised to pack equipment in the similar packaging so that the risk of transport damages is possibly diminished (e.g. free space around equipment ought to be filled, carefully taped etc.) The Service shall not be liable for any damages caused by the lack of the above-mentioned precautions.
  3. Shipment of goods to the Client is agreed by the Parties.
  4. By dispatch of equipment to the Service, the Client declares that any distortion of the image has been disclosed and discussed with the Service. Otherwise it is required to prepare in writing or via email additional arrangements related to repair.
  5. Ultrasound probe delivered to the Service is subject to close diagnosis, in case of lack of any additional contact from the Service the given quotation is binding for the Parties.
  6. The Service is entitled to withdraw from repair in the event when the received equipment shall not qualify for effective repair.
  7. In the case of complicated repair or the necessity to order additional components, the Service reserved the right to adjust its costs during repair process. The Client shall be notified about any changes by phone or via email, immediately after such situation occurs. Further repair shall be exercised upon the Client’s acceptance of additional costs. The Client’s approval must be expressed in writing or email.
  8. In the event of lack of acceptance for incurring additional costs pursuant to clause 7., the Service may refuse further repair and despatch equipment to the Client.
  9. The terms and dates of repair are subject to the type of repair. The Service shall make every effort to adhere to the declared dates. In case of delays occurrence, the Client shall receive prior notification.
  10. The Service does not provide any replacement of ultrasound probe during repair period.
  11. The Service is fully liable for the received equipment.

III.  Terms of payments, transport costs, warranty.

  1. Payments for repair shall be exercised by the Client on the basis of pro-forma invoice in advance of equipment delivery. Payment is deemed effective when the bank account of the Service is credited or upon receipt of bank transfer confirmation by email.
  2. The Service accepts payment only in the form of bank transfer to the following bank accounts:
    Pracownia DUQTOR Weronika Chwietczuk
    Bank Account Number IBAN:  PL 10 1140 2004 0000 3712 0459 1915
  3. The Client has to bear all transport costs.
  4. If equipment is shipped to the Service due to warranty in accordance with clause 5., transport cost to the Service is incurred by the Client, whereas cost of return shipment to the Client is incurred by the Service.
  5. The Service offers 12 months warranty on any executed repairs. Warranty does not cover mechanical or any other damages resulting from improper use and maintenance of ultrasound probe.